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  • 1 November 2022
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I am to pay first bill on the 11th. I get my SS check on the 16th may I pay t then so I won’t have my phone shut off

3 replies

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If you can request a new billing date by calling Tmobile but you can only do it once.

This is Matthew. My bill is due on the 2/23/2024 and ,  don't get my check until next Friday on 3/2/2024  . I would really appreciate it if I could get an extension until next Friday the twenty-third of March ?  


Hello I am experiencing hardship, I have a payment extension.  It’s 2 days past due. The roof of my house is gone due to a storm.  I have had no power until now.  I asked if T-Mobile could extend my payment a couple of more days.  They told me no.  This is the only communication I have.  I need to have my phone on for emergency purposes.  They still said no.  Customer Care at T-Mobile is a joke.  Spoke to a an agent and a supervisor it didn’t do any good.  I went for T-Mobile because it was so economical and safe.  It is economical.  They do not care about your safety.  A storm hit the roof of my house and now it’s gone.  I have had no power.  In a hotel money is tied up and they can’t extend the payment for a couple of days.  That is a load of crap.  I hope that both people I talked to get fired especially Javier the supervisor.  I was just asking for a couple of days to avoid disruption.  T mobile needs to show more empathy towards emergency situations for that reason I am done with them - a once loyal customer