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I got some problems with my bank because of purchase your sim card.

Here is the point. I was in NYC as a tourist. I tried to buy a sim card in T Mobile store on 436 Myrtle Ave (Brooklyn, I'm not sure about the adress but my bank says it's T-Mobile store #1828) от 18th of May 2019.

Very nice guy, the employee, in that store was trying to make my payment for the sim card (number 9801260181745735013F) by my debit card. But there was some problem with his terminal while the transaction was  in process and I got to pay cash. The ammount is 35.89 with tax. A few days ago a I've checked my bank account and noticed that the same ammount 35.89 was made by T Mobile on 20th of May 2019.

Could you please CHECK everything and refund this extra charged payment?


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Did you keep the receipt from the machine stating the transaction was cancelled or was not completed?  If so, I would recommend contacting the T-Force team through social media to see what they can do.  In most cases, Customer Care should offer to credit the amount on your bill.  If that is fine, then you would see that deducted from your next bull, depending on when the credit is applied and when your billing date rolls over.

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You'll definitely want to Community-2153​ and have our care folks give you some extra help with this.