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  • 15 October 2021
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I started with T Mobile and my plan is the Magenta plan with 2 lines for $70.00. Everything was fine until this month. This month we got charged for $90.01 because we have charges for Directory Assistance, which we were told there was no fee for this. However on the bill we can see we were charged with this. How do we get the charges removed as we were told we would not have to pay any fee for using 911, but know we are getting charged  a little over $20,00 extra this month for using 911. This is total opposite of what we were told. Please help us find out how to get this $20.01 get credited back to our account since we were told there would be not charge for his service. Our bill should be $70.00 under our plan! Thanks in advance!


2 replies

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This month we got charged for $90.01 because we have charges for Directory Assistance, which we were told there was no fee for this.



Don’t know who told you that directory assistance was free, but T-Mobile charges a fee for 411 directory assistance.


I agree with all the complaints I read all comes down to customer service, no matter what the issue.


T-Mobile does NOT CARE about CUSTOMER SERVICE or especially Long Time Customers  AT ALL!!  We’ve been with them for over 15 years!  When called to get courtesy credit, they basically acted like we were crazy.  I can tell you a few years ago they used to have a “customer loyalty department”.  They took care of things for long time customers.  In our case we were just looking for a measly $10 credit for accidental calls to their directory assistance.  In the past they would have said “no problem” and gave us a credit.  They did away with that department and people who cared.  Now they have this team of kids that really do not give a crap about you or your service or anything else.  We will definitely be switching...there are several others with 5G and same or better pricing and certainly better customer care!


My husband accidentally hit the contact number for 411 (because t-mobile had it in the contacts when my husband bought the phone).  My husband “did not mean to use it and NEVER EVEN TALKED TO ANYONE”. I called to get credit for this mistake and they were so rude and said there were minutes (a minute each call!!) so they were charging for it!  What!!??  First of all, my husband is 75 and he never asked to have ANY of their stupid directory assistance numbers or ANY of their numbers put in his phone.  THEY DO IT INTENTIONALLY HOPING YOU WILL USE IT SO THEY CAN CHARGE YOU FOR IT!!  THEY CHARGE $3.19 FOR EACH DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE CALL ...REALLY! 

It’s a scam and another way they can get more money from you.  Well, I have since deleted that number from the contact list on our phones and we WILL BE LOOKING TO SWITCH SERVICES SOON!