False Promise


On June 6th, 2021 my Iphone dropped into the lake and could not be retrieved so I was already upset. I was looking up different options to buy a refurbished Iphone and then decided to contact T-Mobile to see what they can do to help me in this situation. I didn’t have much faith but I wanted to give it a try because what is the worst thing that could happen? Well let me tell you…


I contacted a T-Mobile expert via chat on the website by the name of Nina. She was helpful and was set on helping me solve the problem. She asked if there was another number I could use to talk to her so she can offer me a solution. I used my boyfriend’s phone to chat with her and was offered T-Mobile’s protection 360 plan. She said since I’ve been a loyal customer, she will offer this one time and I can file a claim saying I lost my phone once the plan is in my account. She said they will send me a replacement of the same model of the phone I had lost. All I had to do was pay a small deductible of $250. I was more than glad and she even mentioned that she will waive this month’s billing for the plan which is $9 so the first bill will be July. She then provided me with steps to file a claim as well and that was when our conversation ended. 


Once the protection plan showed up on my account, I immediately noticed that the price was different. This protection plan was pending for $18 this month when I was promised a fee waiver and the price given to me was actually $9. I contacted another expert via T-Mobile website and they were able to credit me the $18 for this month and said that starting next month the fee is $9. Perfect.


Also, since the protection was visible on my account, I went ahead and filed a claim on mytmoclaim.com and got denied. I contacted them and was told, my phone was not covered because I lost it before I signed up for the protection plan. Understandable but I was promised by a T-Mobile expert that I would be covered this one time. Confused, I contacted another expert on the website and was told that I cannot be covered. Voneymard, the expert I spoke with said they can only offer me the $250 in credit (equivalent to the deductible fee that I would have paid for the replacement under the protection 360 if I upgrade my phone and buy a brand new one).


This whole experience was completely unacceptable and seemed like a total fraud. I would not be upset if they simple told me there was nothing they could do because I did not have their protection 360 plan. They promised me all of this if I signed up for the plan and even charged me more than promised. It is now June 9th, 2021 and I am at square one again because T-Mobile thinks it’s okay for their “experts” to promise customers something that is not even TRUE. I would simply accept the truth and not be angry because it is my fault for not purchasing the protection 360 plan in the first place. Now I am “offered” the $250 in credit to upgrade to a brand new Iphone 12 Pro. Definitely a scam to push their customers to spend more money. I DO NOT recommend a company like this. Promise your loyal customers if there is a possible solution. If you think you can make money this way then your whole company is a SCAM. 

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