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  • 19 October 2021
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New account, 4 lines discount- relocation I ask not to activate the other 3 lines because military location everyone else is still in NJ, our daughter line was the only activation we ask to be on, they gave us all the SIM cards for the other phone and said to us when we are ready to activate to come in when we arrive to the LA area, so my daughter didn't pay her bill and they suspended her service but. charge us reactivation & suspension sees for all line,????? but they are not activated???? 2621 was the only line working so why am I been charge for 3 line reactivation and suspension FEEs????/

I call on hold over 30m then transfer to other rep waited another 30 m HELP

1 reply

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This is a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have account access so you need to contact Tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support. Good luck