FamilyMode Drama

  • 6 October 2018
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We are using Disney Circle on our home network, and it works well, so I was excited to finally see a similar product for our cell phones.  We are a family of 6 - 2 adults, 4 kids.  FamilyMode worked for a while on the kids' phones when first installed, but now the VPN is toggling on/off on all their devices and disrupting service.  One of my sons does not receive texts from me anymore.  Tried removing/reinstalling the app, no help. 

I want an "EASY" button.  Does it exist?  Or do I need to go back and get an IT degree to figure this out myself?

My serious question is:  Does T-Mobile have a comprehensive, step-by-step setup process for setting up this product on iPhones, so that it actually works?

Signed, a very frustrated parent.


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This is the only thing that I can find on the site...

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If you go into the app's do you have the option to change the VPN settings? If so, when you go back into the app, is it there where the VPN settings change back?

The VPN toggles on and off rapidly. I can’t do anything except remove and

reinstall the app and VPN.

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Hmm, and is this only happening when you manage it from the app or also when you're doing this on the website?

You can’t manage this on the website. It is an issue on two of our

individual phones - with the VPN connectivity as far as I can tell. Those

two phones cannot send iMessages while connected to VPN as well.

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Okay. I'm not seeing iMessaging or this VPN issue as being a known problem with FamilyMode. You'll definitely wanna get in touch with our Team of Experts or T-Force team using the methods on our Community-2153​ page. They can put a Trouble Ticket together that'll help get this issue resolved with the app and assist further with the iMessages.

This is the fatal flaw in FamilyMode.  If the VPN connection is lost, you no longer have any control of it.  I have not yet found a way using parental control on the iPhone to prevent to child from simply turning off VPN in settings.  Doing that  completely bypasses FamilyMode control.  Took my teenage daughter about 20 minutes to  get around FamilyMode this way.