FamilyMode is active again after being manually disabled

  • 18 August 2018
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I get notifications on my phone that "FamilyMode is active again after being manually disabled" when my child didn't disable it?


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7 replies

The probable answer is that your child simply  turned off the VPN connection in settings.  It took my  daughter about 20 minutes to defeat FamilyMode on her iPhone.  19 minutes and 30 seconds to search Google and read about the work-around, then 30 seconds to go into setting and turn VPN connection off.  Poof, FamilyMode control gone!


I’m still looking for a way using parental controls built into IoS to prevent the user from turning off the VPN connection.  So far, I’ve found nothing.

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Okay thanks for that info. The link I posted shows notifications you'll receive based on what events are triggered. Based on what you're saying, that messages is showing up because of the trigger being listed on that page.

Yes on VPN. When I installed the Family Mode app on my child's phone it set up a VPN on the phone.

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Please let me know if there's a setting being selected or if you're connected to a VPN. I'd just like to see if either issue might be causing the notification to pop up. Thanks.

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Do you use VPN on your device? Also are you changing any settings in the app and then receiving the notification? I'm just trying to get an understanding of if something's being changed before you get this notification.

I understand that is one of the notifcations on my iOS device. My question is why am I getting that alert when my child did not disable Family Mode.

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Are you using an iOS device? If so, this does appear to be one of the notifications you'll get on you're phone depending on what's triggered.