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  • 13 August 2021
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I currently have a sim card for an unused phone cell phone line, can I incorporate it to my fax line?

2 replies

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Check out the Mailbox options (4) on our Voicemail Settings Menu. There’s a Fax Option you can use through the voicemail menu. That may be the option you’ll want to use for that spare line.

I have a t-mobile number attached to my account for an accessory addition. Can this number be added for the option 4 voicemail “Fax Forwarding Number” that the prompt of number 4 on voice mail requires to be setup.  If so how can this work when there is no actual fax machine at that number.  Nothing is at that number.  Seems like a hopeless dream.  Will have to subscribe to some fax app.  Please reply if you have any insights or found the ability to use this t-mobile fax option without an actual fax machine connected to same.