Fayette Mall Lexington T-Mobile scam

  • 3 January 2022
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Sales agents at the T Mobile in Fayette Mall Lexington, KY are not truthful.

  1. In May they replaced my own phone w/ Samsung A32 saying it was free. But from November I’m being charged $19 for the phone claiming “offer is over.”
  2. in May they did not have iphone12 purple in stock so they said I could receive it by mail and return my old iPhone 7 to the Mall as the trade-in (I had concerns T-mobile would not agree w/ Mall agents that the iphone 7 was tradeable). After receiving the iphone 12 in the mail I returned to the mall to give my iphone 7 trade-in. They wouldn’t accept it and the agent lied saying he never told me to return it to their mail store.

I will not deal w/ T-mobile agents at the Fayette Mall again.

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