Fed Up

  • 31 July 2020
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Completely fed up with T-Mobile. I’ve been with them since 2014 after Sprint had been robbing me blind for 1 line over 4 years. I just paid my bill last month. I had money in the account my bank even confirmed there was money in the account when called because midway this month I get a letter stating my bill was not paid and now owe the bill and a $25 return check fee. I have no clue if they tried to reverse the transaction or what but it’s not even on my banks transaction list anymore. Bill says I have 60days so I said ok I’ll go ahead and pay this month like normal then pay the past balance in 2 weeks on payday. NOPE! Tmobile won’t let me pay the current month until my so called past due balance on a pre-paid line is paid. I can’t pay over the phone and I can’t pay online through MyTmobile either. So I can’t even get my phone back on until I pay them all at once but they can’t even explain what the heck happen with my original payment. The rep just keeps asking me to pay and if I don’t “want to pay” I can go to the store and buy a refill card but I’m afraid to spend $50 on this card just to get home and it also doesn’t work. Not to mention my phone was damn near unusable for the whole month of June AND July and just started working fully again last week. I live in the country but work in the city and my phone went out numerous times when travelling between the two when it never did that before. Thank god I never had car trouble and something I wouldn’t have been able to call anyone on an empty interstate and my home is 20+miles down the road ! but you guys want to hassel me for some thing that’s not even my fault.

1 reply


This is primarily a user based forum.  You can get specific account help from TM at FB or Twitter.  I don’t have accounts w. either - so can’t comment on how well TM serves customers using those TM services.