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  • 7 January 2017
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We're an empty-nest couple on Simple Choice since you introduced it, using less than 2 Gb each per month. Cost is $86 including fees.


I see you're trying to push everyone to ONE, but for two lines, even with no fees and KickBack, it's still gonna cost  $100.


How can you provide four unlimited lines for $40 each, but two low-usage folks have to pay more?  How many of us are there? Do you want us to migrate over to MetroPCS instead? For $80 we could get 3Gb each, but we're with T-Mobile because we travel internationally a lot.


I'd be even more reluctant to stay Magenta if I were a single.  I'd be looking for a T-mobile partner to share a bill with. Shall I do that with another low-data couple? Can you hook us up?

8 replies

I am also a low data usage Simple Choice customer. I think it's simply a matter of mathematics. The more people you have on your plan, the cheaper the plan gets per person. I have 8 people on my plan, and we each pay $22 per month. I think the only solution is to get more people on to your plan.

Great idea! Will you let us join your account?

See, we used to have kids on our account, and it would be great if they had any sense. But they'd run up 20Gb data usage and insist on trading phones every six months, so we had to cut them loose to do that and learn the hard way.

But that's what I meant in my original post: should I put an ad like this on Craigslist: "Low-data T-Mobile Simple Choice couple seeks another in similar situation with the object of combining our accounts to lower our per-line costs." But then you have to figure out who's going to be responsible to pay T-Mobile, and how the other couple reimburses the first. I suppose I could poll my relatives, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.

If you're serious, follow me and I'll pm you. I've got the billing and payment arrangements down to a science.

I'm confused.  Why don't you just stay on the plan you have?   We have 6 SC lines for about $150 incl. taxes/fees.  We are keeping it because (like you) use little data and new plan would cost $200.

  TM has to charge more for the first line or two.  Like the Post office- they charge more for first ounce or pound than subsequent ounces and pounds.

Just go T-Mobile prepaid.  You can use a credit card for autopay.  This is what I do and it is your best and cheapest way to stay with t-mobile. 

Prepaid has a lot of limitations compared to postpaid.

Hey @isisdave!

It looks like there has been some progress made throughout this thread. @e2k is pretty handy around our forums especially when it comes to billing related inquiries.

Please let me know if you have additional questions that weren't address.

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‌i would personally shy away from posting up an internet ad for your t-mobile lines.... Lets say i answered your ad, and wanted to agitate you for whatever sick reason and make international calls and run your bill up and refuse to pay it, you and your spouse will be left holding the bill. 😠

but, you have to do what's best for you and your family, i would be scared to have a perfect stranger have access to my personal & sensitive data. hope you find a great, but safe solution 😎