Final bill with negative total due amount

  • 23 September 2020
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I have received Final bill from T-mobile that has negative total due amount. I believe that means there is a refund due. I switched from T-mobile almost 2 months back, and this is second bill with same amount has been sent. Not sure what I need to do to settle the account.

I tried guest pay, but it did not work with account number provided on the bill.

I am not able to log to my account or did not see any chat option for support.

Please help explain the bill and next steps i should do.




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Hope this helps someone. As I mentioned in my query above, my final bill has negative balance, and I received refund as visa card.

  • - balances are not typically given back- they are kept at least two months in case of “ any forgotten charges or pro rated rates” then by your in-store or on Customer Care -Demand -returned to you on Visa Gift Card  only . that is Sprints policy too. hold it till you forget it or Demand it.  shamefull greed. 

Hello, I’m in a similar situation. I would like to know if the refund is initiated automatically after two months, or if there is something you have to do? I’m not able to get through to customer care as I can’t login with the account number.

I’m in the same situation, except that T-Mobile apparently has a logic hole in their way for me to clear this up online.

So, the letter says “This is your revised final bill. Please pay online via t-mobile dot com slash guestpay.”. The “Total Due” is like -$5. I go to guestpay, it makes me type in my phone number twice (it hasn’t changed), then says “We are unable to accept guest payments from the phone number provided at this time. To make a payment, please log in” with a hyperlink to the “my” t-mobile login page. It doesn’t let me sign in with my phone number, I can only submit by email.

It then says it needs to send a code to my email for verification. I type in the code, then it says “Link your phone number to your T-Mobile account. Enter the phone number below to link your account, and we'll send a confirmation code for verification.” I enter it and click Next, get a little spinner which then goes away, and that’s it. Nothing happens. I try again, same result.

I open up browser Dev Tools > Console tab, and there’s a JavaScript error for each Next click that says “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()”. The Network tab request to checkMsisdnV2 (with redirect instruction to signin) has a response of “code: non_tmo_msisdn, description: Make sure your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct.” :laughing:

This is ridiculous. The form auto-formats the phone number I type in. It’s the same number I used on the previous form, and every form T-Mobile’s asked for, even when I had the account active.

So, for some reason, T-Mobile is making me “link” my phone number to the de-activated account, just to look at “guestpay”, but they won’t let me because the phone number is not already a T-Mobile phone number :rofl: this is asinine. This is a billion-dollar company? Maybe let me manage it for a while...

So, again, I’ll need to visit a store, explain this ridiculous complicated scenario, have the rep give me a strange look and say “but it should work online”... hopefully I won’t have to show them why it doesn’t work while they’re surrounded in a busy room, just to make sure that there’s not more snafus with this bizarre contradictory letter. How am I supposed to pay “-$5” anyway? Should I send them a check for -$5 that when they cash it transfers money from their account to mine? What?

I’ve seen bizarre snafu trains like this that cost people money, from technicalities like this, logic holes, because the company’s system got overwhelming to the managers of the system. Now I feel like I have to clean this up because a technicality that they should already handle (or at least let me handle it online easily) could cost me money.

Anyway, that’s my Ted Talk. Maybe someone knows a workable online solution, otherwise I may leave an update to how it goes with a store visit. So lame that this digital tech company requires an in-store visit to take care of something so simple.

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I had the same problem with Verizon after I moved to T-Mobile.  I received a “bill” for $0.21 cents.  No way to log in to the deactivated account.  I Googled a number for Verizon customer support and got a hold of a lady that was able to verify my ID and look at my old account.  It turns out it is them that owe me the 21 cents and they are snail mailing me a check 😂.  Today I got a card from them asking me to come back to Verizon, so I guess I’m officially gone from Verizon now.  I did time the switch 1 week before I owed another month to Verizon.  I guess that worked out as well.  


I had similiar problem. I discountinued T-mobile service in Feb and received the final bill with negative balance. Since I moved abroad, I requested the balance to be transferred to my bank account. The agent said it would be done, but never happened. Now another agent can’t even locate the balance and keeps on asking for PIN number which I no longer have after not having T-mobile number. I do hve the physical bill, but I can not even send this by email since T-mobile doesn’t have an email to claim. This is very frustrating when I can not come to T-mobile store as the agent is suggesting.