final payment on eip? Its paid off...

  • 7 March 2016
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Hello,  I paid off one of my EIPs ($164.58) on 2/7/16 and later received the device unlock notification.  That EIP has shown "completed" and has had a zero balance since this payment.  I have received my latest monthly bill and I am being charged another $164.58 for that same EIP.  The charge says "final payment" next to it, and yes it is a charge (not just a notation that it was paid).  My bill is $164.58 higher than it should be this month.  How can I get this erroneous charge removed?  I have already dealt with an absolute fiasco involving the order of an upgrade phone and being charged for things I didn't order.  I am currently holding an LG Leon that was randomly sent to me for no apparent reason, when I was in the process of being shipped THREE incorrect iPhone 6 when I was merely trying to order a 6 PLUS.   One day an LG Leon (??) showed up at my house.  TMO refuses to accept the return of this oddball phone that was supposedly "ordered" during a call to customer service when trying to get the correct iPhone shipped to me.  My plan has nothing but iPhones on it, nor would I ever want an LG Leon and those words never came out of my mouth on any of those phone calls (I am sure they were recorded, right?!)  I had to pay $170 out of my pocket to keep my TMO service active because this erroneous phone was added to my monthly bill and I could not get anyone to remove it!  So now not only do I have an unnecessary Android phone sitting in my closet that I never ordered and had to pay for because they would not accept the return, I am not being charged TWICE for a final EIP payment that I already paid off. 


Needless to say, I am not happy...

3 replies

Thank you for your reply.  I do not have auto pay turned on, and I have gone back and done the math from the bill prior to this EIP payment to now, and I am definitely being charged again for a payment I already made.  I have reached out to TForce through Facebook and hope to have a reply soon.  I am utterly exhausted by the constant mistakes that I have to take my time to fix, usually while I am at work. At no time has anything I have done with regard to upgrades, payoffs, or account changes gone without a major disaster happening.  The biggest issue of all has been that no two TMO phone reps have any idea whatsoever what the other is doing, and apparently no notes are made.  I have explained the "LG Leon" mysterious phone appearing at my house issue to so many people my head is spinning.  Fingers crossed this time...

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You have to pay attention really closely. As a person who paid off multiple EIP.

When you pay off the EIP you will see a negative credit. That credit is applied to your bill. If you have auto pay turned on it will only take the difference of the bill to 0 it out and then the EIP bill happens the following month. It looks like you are paying double you are not.  If you do the math of your last 2 bills they'll end up what you had to pay either way. It's a bit unclean the way T-Mobile billing is.

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That's rough you've been going through so much @erindawn but I'd like to get you some help. Did you pay the final EIP 2 days before your billing cycle closed? If so, the bill won't reflect that payment that close to the end of the cycle. If it was more than 2 days, I'd recommend contacting our T-Force team. They can review your account further and provide the best advice on how this can be handled. T-Force also has the ability to check on this mysterious LG phone you have too. You can reach them 24/7 through the social media links below.