first responder verification

  • 24 February 2021
  • 3 replies


Wondering if anyone else in the t mobile land is getting asked to reverify their first responder status every month?  i switched from verizon and only send verification once a year.  i can say doin it every month is getting old.  Doing the chat with t mobile seems pointless.  they just send the  company link saying we have the discount and click here to start. On 1-14 I spent about hour with nice lady about going thru the whole process and she saw that it was verified, but today, text message that u need to verify status again.

3 replies

So I just discovered that the T-Mobile website is not set up to verify retired first responder status, so tomorrow I will be making the dreaded call to T-Mobile to find out what I need to do.  I’ve had to call them for other reasons since signing up.  1st time I called them right after I signed up, the call was fine, 2nd time there was lots of background noise, learned that it was heavy rain and that I was speaking with someone in the Philippines and she didn’t take care of what I needed.  The 3rd call was someone in the states who kept talking over me and wouldn’t listen to me describing my issue, then her dog has a barking fit and every time I try to say something the dogs barks likes crazy and she tells me she can’t hear me because my phone was cutting out...SMH.  So then I asked her if she’s telling me that my T-Mobile service sucks, lol she wouldn’t answer that question.

I am having difficulty trying to verify my first responder id… can anyone show me how to do it. Couldn’t get much help from T-Mobile customer services. Thanks in advance. 

Yes, I have been running into the same issue since I switched over to t-mobile which is about every 2-3 months.  Spoke to customer service on multiple occasions and still haven't gotten it fixed. Just tried to check the status this evening. Apparently, the promotion code is now invalid. So waiting for a call once again, by hopefully someone that could fix this tomorrow. So you're are not the only one.