forwarding spam texts to 7726 but never get a reply

  • 26 January 2022
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I’ve had an insane number of scam/phishing/spam calls/texts over the last few years.  The other day someone called me 12 times in 10 mins. Every time I get a suspicious text, I forward it to 7726 and then block the suspicious number. I got a single reply like, the first time I forwarded the text. I’ve not gotten any replies since, so I wonder if T-mobile is even actually doing anything with the info sent to them?  I’m really getting frustrated with all the spam/fraud texts and calls and wonder if it’s time to ditch this number and/or provider. It’s not like I put my number out there much, in fact I’m usually protective of my number and hand out a landline number for a lot of things.

3 replies

The general advice for 7726 is to “forward” the text message. Unfortunately, T-Mobile does not seem to have a way to forward a text message. If they do, the secret is rather well concealed. I don’t know but my hunch is that when someone does follow the instructions to “copy and paste the spam text and send to 7726” T-Mobile sends an auto-response then deletes the message. It won’t stop spam texts but it gets those pesky customers off their back.

It may depend on the phone, but I've don't if i hold my finger down on the text message a menu of options appear and forward is one of them. 

I use Textra for texting & Yes it worked until a month ago. 1st 80% then 40%... Now not @ all, but I'm still "Forwarding"

So what is TMobile saying?