• 25 February 2022
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Last night I went online to upgrade my phone to new s22 ultra. I went through the jump upgrade just as I have for all of my phones. I had a onetime $600 payment and the balance on old phone would be dropped when they received it. Today I get an email that shows paperwork for making a $600 payment to my old phone's installment plan and no mention of new phone order?

I called the support number and they said I had no phone order; I had just made a larger than normal payment to my installment plan. If I wanted the phone, they could do that for 24 payments of $64.17 and the $600 dollars I just paid with receipt of old phone? This means the new phone cost me $ 2,136 plus my old phone. I said no just refund my $600 and forget the whole thing? They then told me they would need my bank account number to give me the refund, I said no just refund to original payment source. They said they couldn’t they needed my bank account number?  I’m sorry but something seems a little fraudulent about this whole thing. Can someone give me any idea how the hell I can resolve this?

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Try contacting Tforce through their facebook account