• 2 February 2022
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My account was used in a fraud transaction where someone ordered equipment and service including was able to change my billing address. I have gone into T Mobile office several times with my complaint and each time I was assured the problem would be resolved. I was charged for the equipment as well as being charged for returning it which was not returned. Several billing cycles I have been charge and I paid money against the bills that I was fraudulently  charged for. My account still has not been corrected. I am still being charged more money each month at this point my bill is over $200 when it should only be $94.00. I was a Sprint customer for a long time I have never had this kind of trouble with Sprint. How was someone able to change my billing address and order equipment if my account is supposed to be safe and private? The last straw is that I received a text from Tmobile that my bill of over $200 was due on February 6th. I immediately called them to find out why my bill had not been corrected. I spoke to a Bernadette who assured me that my bill would be corrected and she also said she would text me verification of my phone call and also offered her employee ID. Nothing has been done I did not get a text from Bernadette. This is illegal business practices. I believe that what has happened to my account is being done from the inside. How else was the person able to change my billing address. I would like upper management involved in this. I have been lied to, promised and assured that this matter would be taken care of. Bernadette also assured me that there would be a hold put on my account preventing my service from being interrupted. Are calls recorded? I am sure they are. Listen to the promises that were made to me by Bernadette. She lied. I would like this matter looked into. This is fraud and theft. I did not order equipment and I don’t like being treated as if I am lying about ordering it. I am pretty sure you have a legal department I can talk with about this matter.

Cecelia Burks

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Yikes, that’s not good at all but we do have a dedicated team for fraudulent activity. Please call our Care team or message our T-Force team using the Twitter handle @TMobileHelp. They can get the ball rolling on reporting this activity.

I’m going through the exact same thing just different fraud and I am also convinced that this company is definitely fraudulent and its also an INSIDE JOB

I’m a Sprint customer and have a business account with multiple lines.  I was forced to upgrade to new devices because of the network consolidation.  I traded in four phones; an iphone, S8+, S8, motorola.  I was suppose to get a monthly trade in discount of $400 over 30 months for the iphone and $500 over 24 months for the S8+ based on the promotion I signed up for.  Now I’m in to 3 billing cycles and am only getting $200 based discount for the S8+ and no discount for the iphone.  I’ve made four phone calls so far to their billing and accounting customer support.  Promises, Promises and no discounts.  You have to wait to the next invoice to see what changes they make.  They can always successfully add services to your account, but never in my experience apply removal of services.  They also screwed up changes to protection services on my account.  Removed some from lines where they were not requested and added to a line I didn’t request.  The next billing cycle they credited me less for the removal of the protection service than they charged me the previous month.  It took three phone calls each over an hour plus to finally get them to remove a line that I requested.  Never deal with the call centers outside the US; they are totally unethical.  At this point I’m not sure what to do.  Thinking about filing a complaint with the Illinois attorney’s general office and any other consumer agency I can find.  Is this really how you want to treat a customer?  Either they hire totally incompetent people or they are telling them not to apply these credits and lead you on.  Totally unethical.  I would be ashamed.  They’ve added stress to my life and if it affects my health I’m going to file suit for that as well.