Fraud Team REFUSES to give me information

  • 30 November 2020
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I had a similar situation to others posting on here about SIM swapping, except it was my boyfriend’s phone who got SIM swapped. I got a notification on my phone saying so, but not realizing what it was, I ignored it, thinking it was an error, until my boyfriend realized he lost network connectivity on his phone. According to a rep at the local store, someone had come in (to a rando store, no idea where), claiming she needed to swap the SIM of my boyfriend’s Samsung phone to the iphone 6 she had with her. This was most likely not done at the store we were visiting as far as I know. We opened a fraud case and after almost 2 weeks of waiting, they basically told me that they can’t tell me anything about what happened.

Look, I don’t need the gory details, but I DO need to know whether or not I should be worried that someone has a fake ID of me and is using it!! I need to know how the access was granted so that I can protect myself. How DARE you tell me that you can’t give me any information about the fraud that was committed against me and my boyfriend!! They told my boyfriend that I would need to contact a lawyer and subpoena for the information if I wanted to know. This is completely unacceptable. This is my LIVELIHOOD!! I am beyond outraged at this policy and it makes NO SENSE.

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