Free Apple TV promo

  • 3 September 2021
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We have the Magenta Max plan which makes us eligible for 1 year of free Apple TV.

I logged into Apple TV using my Apple ID and password. It talks about a free trial.

How do I link Apple TV to the T-Mobile free Apple TV offer?



13 replies

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Did you log into your MyTmobile app to claim it?


Works great!!! Thanks for your help.


I signed up for Apple TV through T-Mobile on laptop. I downloaded it on my PS4. Will T-Mobile take care of year payment after my 7 day trial is over?

I am also trying to sign up for the free year of Apple+, with no success. I have started from my T-Mobile account, am logged in on my desktop. I was texted a promo code by T-Mobile. When I make it through to the AppleTV app, I get a notice that the code I was sent by T-Mobile is invalid.

I have redeemed my promo code for Apple TV+ for 1 year free, but now the Apple TV+ app says I have only 1 month. I can’t re-redeem the offer code because I already redeemed it. What could I have done wrong? How do I fix it?

I got mine fixed by calling T-Mobile, who called someone at Apple. Between them, they had my T-Mobile Apple+ subscription start after my week of trial subscription through Apple finished (I was careful to cancel the trial on the last day).

Do i have to use my own apple device but can I use my husbsnd’s? my device is outdate adn I an’t get it.


I too am struggling with this. I had no problerm redeeming the offer with Apple. But when I log in the only way I can watch is to accept the 7 day trial offer. After that Apple begins to charge me. 

I just tried to activate my code and also got an error from the Apple TV Web site saying they are not redeeming codes at this time. Anyone have more info on this issue. T mobile shouldn’t advertise a product if it isn’t ready to implement! Wish I could leave feedback but they make it fairly difficult on their web site. What a bunch of BS.

This is what I get when I click the link to the promo

Same. Link returns bad request error.

i’m getting the same error code from the bad link when i click it

“BAD REQUEST- Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.”

This is what I get after the redirect link opens the Apple TV app on my MacBook.