Free Iphone 7 trade up deal from Sept 2016.  STILL NO CREDIT!

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Thank you for sending me email.Sorry I couldn't respond earlier when I was

on family vacation. Talking about we have to pay for 4 free phones we were

told, is not a pleasant topic and I don't want to ruin our family time.

I have to say I feel helpless dealing with T-mobile customer service.

Could you please advise how to reach out to T-force team on Facebook? This

is Facebook page I found, should I write a post about my issues, with

details of conflicting info I get from customer service? Or click Message


Thanks for your advise.

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@magenta3537004 & @magenta3624458

I am so sorry you folks have not received the promotion you were told that you qualified for! Since we will need to take a deep look into your account to see what specifically happened, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter using the links in my signature. They will be able to pull up your account and go over your options.

I just noticed I ran into exactly the same issue! Purchased 4 iphone 7 on Sept 25, 2016 (yes, when we were in T-mobile retail store, we were told you are lucky, today is the last day of promotion!), but I'm such a fool that I just checked my account today (Dec 2017), no credit was posted on my account. Called customer service, contacted the store where I originally purchased the iphone, still no resolution. This is not the first time we upgraded our phones, but this is the first we didn't get any credit. Please let me know how to get this issue resolved!

Funny same thing happened to me I’m still calling about this and I get the run around everytime

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Oh my goodness! I want you to be able to get the credits you are due! We will have to take a look at your account to see what is going on here so if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to reach out to our T-Force team. They will be able to look at your account and find out what happened with these promos.