Free Iphone 7 trade up deal from Sept 2016.  STILL NO CREDIT!

Did anyone else do the free iphone 7 if you trade in an iphone 6 last September?@  The promo was that your phone was free, and that you'd get statement credits each month so that you didn't pay anything for your new phone.  Also, if you traded in a 5/c/s you'd get credits so that your phone only cost you $250. Here's a link to an article about the deal and a screen shot of the promo from the t mobile site.


T-Mobile's free iPhone 7 offer will end this Sunday - TmoNews


Well, I did the deal with 3 phones but I am still trying to get my credits!!  I don't know if T mobile thought I wouldn't notice, but they continued to bill me the EIP and I received no credits.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't notice until about May 2017.  I've been trying to get the issue resolved, and get what I promised ever since.  Is there one out there who can help me, or anyone at t-mobile who would talk to me about this? I've spent more hours on the phone than a care to quantify, and though I have received some credits on my account, I still haven't received what I was promised.


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Has anyone found a solution to this?  Because I’m so sick and tired of hearing them say they had no promotion going on at the time because they sure the heck did.  I’ve contacted the bbb anyone else that could be contacted?

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In order to investigate your issue, your best bet would be to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to investigate your account and find out what happened.  Direct them to the link above if they have trouble pulling up the particular promo. 

I do have to ask, were you on the T-Mobile ONE plan at the time you made your purchase, or switch at the same time?  Were your phones purchased on EIP or JUMP! on Demand?  Also,  was your account in good standing for at least the 2-3 billing cycles after your purchase? 

I just found out that although I was told I was 100% eligible for this promotion, I was only given a partial trade in value for the iPhone 6 PLUS I gave them for a new 7. So every month they were secretly charging me for the 7 I got, but when I called them to ask why my bill was so high they said that that’s just how much my service costs and I’m NOT being charged for the phone. Why would I agree to trade in a 6 PLUS in perfect condition that I paid 1000 dollars for, only to get about 400 dollars for it?

Upon calling the T-Mobile customer service center this week, I ultimately got connected to a supervisor that said if I have proof of the original email I received from T-Mobile regarding this promotion, or a letter from the store that I completed the trade-in, validating this was a REAL promotion, I can get credited the remaining amount I am owed.

This supervisor did also say that "they don’t have a promotion of this type in their logs. They would NEVER give away iPhones for free". Trying to make us, the customers feel like we're crazy, yet I don’t think I hallucinated this promotion if there’s a whole forum dedicated to it on T-Mobiles own website. Terrible customer service. Keep fighting! I certainly intend to.

I highly suggest everyone continue to fight this issue. Each one of you should have signed a contract at the T-Mobile store the day you took part in this trade-in promotion, and that contract clearly states what you have to pay, and what T-Mobile will be paying for. In September 2016 they sent every customer emails about this promotion. "An iPhone 7, ON US when you trade in an iPhone 6 sign up for a 24-month financing agreement". CHECK YOUR OLD EMAILS!

Also, I recommend being LOUD on Twitter and Facebook. You need to keep bringing their attention to this matter. It is outrageous that they can try to make all these customers feel crazy and like they did us any favors. YOU GUYS MADE THE PROMOTION, NOT US! I strongly urge everyone to continue pushing this matter and to get what you were promised. 

Same issue with me regarding the credits for iPhone 7. I have been calling numerous times. Over time have received some of the credits. $194 in credits still are outstanding.

Again called today. Now the phone reps are just repeating that T-Mobile One plan was a requirement for the offer inspite of me saying I have details of the offer (iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus are Coming to T-Mobile! | T-Mobile Newsroom))

The earlier phone conversations with reps is suddenly not available - it's like talking to a wall.

Can someone help get me the credits that was due?