Free line promotion question.

  • 28 February 2017
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If I have the 3 line TMobile One already for $140, will I still be eligible for the $100 3 line promotion. I believe it is only supposed to be a limited time promotion/decrease and the price may go back to normal once promotion is over. But for those who avail the 3rd free line, it is supposed to remain free moving forward as long as you are in good standing with Tmobile even if promotion is over. So how would this apply to those who already have 3 lines? Can I avail for the $100 price during the promotion, and then get the $120 price when it is over?

25 replies

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I think this promo question falls under the same idea as free phones that are offered to new customers or current customers adding a line: have to add a line to get the line for free.  At least you don't have to buy a new device on EIP, as is usually the case.

However, I do not believe you can turn a 3rd line, which is already active, into the free line.  This is for adding a line, be it a tablet, phone or watch.

Also, according to the fine print below, you cannot cancel a line and then re-activate it so that it is the 3rd line free.

Free Line: Qual’g credit req’d.

Customers cancelling a line after 1/1/17 not eligible.

May take up to 2 bill cycles. 1/acct; must keep existing lines. Taxes/fees may be applied to pre-bill credit price on some legacy plans.

To me that means you cannot cancel any line, and cannot port a line out to another carrier and then port back in the same number nor any new number to qualify for the promo.

Is this like their Black Friday add a line deal?

I have four phones on a  Simple Choice plan.

I think the going rate is $10 to add a line.

This promo says I can keep my plan, add a fifth line, and my monthly rate will not increase at all?

I just EIP a new phone, and all of a sudden there are five phones for the price of four?

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That promo fine print was  4th line free via bill credit with qualifying plan on all lines.

Well, there is only one plan now, the ONE.  IDK if you can add a line to a plan that is no longer offered at the previous rate.  Each promo has different rules.

On ONE, each line added reduces each line's cost.  The promo starts Wed March 1, 2017, so the final details might change outside of a free 3rd line, the fine print I mean.

The extra line remains free as long as you have an account in good standing and do not cancel and have at least 2 lines active already.

This is for a line of service, not a device, so you can have 10 (or however many) phones and 2+ lines.

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I can't figure out what is in it for TM.  Am I missing something?  Are they gambling a certain percentage will change their plan and have to start paying regular rates.

Question - Does the free line expire at a fixed date in the future?

I agree, It seems like T-Mo gets nothing out of it.

I'm sure a new line has basic taxes and some reg. fees. But zero additional cost?

The "Black Friday" promo was just this....I never thought I'd see it again.

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T-Mobile gets more active lines, not necessarily more customers.  Data and numbers game.

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Those on the All-In ONE plan have no extra taxes or fees. 

Taxes/fees may be applied to pre-bill credit price on some legacy plans.

I just added 3 lines to my account over the weekend, any experience if TMobile will extend this offer to me given that I have not even received the sim cards in the mail yet since I am bringing m y own devices....

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Service does not start until you activate the SIMs.  The offer does not start until March 1, so you will need to wait and ask T-Mo directly to find out if you can convert 1 of those lines BEFORE you activate them on the current plan.  Good for 1 line though, not all 3.

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Just wanted to jump in here to point out that T-Mobile post-paid SIM cards and devices are sent out already active with service by default.  😉

I just got off the phone with Customer Care.  I ordered the SIMs on Sunday, they are still "in-transit" and according to T-Mobile, already activated.  Seems risky considering they may fall into the wrong hands.

  Cancelling a line now would disqualify me from the free line offer.  I asked the manager to escalate the question because I am sure they will get bombarded by other customers that ordered within 24 hours of the announcement.

  According to the individual on the phone, TMobile Managers were just trained this morning on the promotion and there are a lot of open questions.

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Mine was not active because I had not activated it yet and didn't want to pay for days and weeks for which I wouldn't have use of the new line. ‌

Agreed.  However I was never given the option.  It appears this is the standard operating procedure at this time.

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@theos2‌  you are correct.  Post paid lines, and equipment are activated at the time they leave the warehouse.   In the case of our savvy friend @snn_555‌ ,  the delay in activation would certainly have been accomplished only by specific request for a future dated change.  

Not sure if it helps,  but with the previous free lines promo the requirement was only that the order be placed within the promotional timeframe.  activation could (and in my case, did) take place later.

-hope that helps

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I added a line that had no device.  Had to wait for it to get to me before it could be activated, and service began on that day, though the billing date stayed the same as it was an add-on.  So, like 2 weeks use for 2 weeks cost.  Not the same for everyone it seems.  But then, there are 100 plans floating around right now on 50 different promotions. 😊

Thanks for the assistance.

  What I find a questionable practice is that they assign random devices to the SIMs before they send them.  Even though I still do not have them in my hands, they have been activated and appear as a hotspot, an ipad and another device that are not mine or intended devices.  So they activate them, assign them to random devices and begin billing before the customer has them in his/her hands.

  In my opinion, a highly questionable practice and unlike what I have experienced anywhere else in the past.

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I just called and added a line and bought a SIM kit.  They are mailing it. When I go into My T-Mobile it still shows me as having the "2 Lines TMO ONE All In Promo".  Did your account show something similar until you activated the SIM?  It seems weird to me that I would call to add a third line and yet it looks like I am still on a 2 line account but with a SIM kit on the way.  When you activate the SIM does the account automagically update to reflect 3 lines?

Interesting.  The only detectable difference between what I did and what you described is that I added the lines over the internet Vs calling in.

  I have not received the SIMs, yet.  When I finally called in yesterday to inquire about my situation, I was told the SIMs ship activated, and I see all 3 of the additional lines in my account online with a new number associated with them and a device.

  Not impressed with the process so far and questioning my decision to switch.

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‌My account showed one line until a few hours after I activated the new phone and at that point I saw two active lines.   The SIM had the new line info on it but was not active.

"The SIM had the new line info on it but was not active."

What are you using as the indicator as to whether or not a SIM is "active"?  If it shows up on my account online, and has a device (that is not my device, example a hotspot), and a phone number associated with it, I consider that active.

  I was told that if I decide not to use it, I have to "cancel it" because at this point I would have to pay future monthly fees for it.  And yes, the person on the phone understood that I do not have the said SIM card in my hands.  It is in the "mail".

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All I said was that the SIM had the info on it and that the service didn't start until the SIM was in the phone and the phone was activated.  YMMV

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My experience for FWIW - has been similar to @snn_555. We had the old $100 for 2 unlimited SC promo for about two years or thereabouts (got it the day it was announced) and wanted to take advantage of "Add 2 lines for free" promo over Thanksgiving. We added our kids and the bill etc did not change until the SIM's were activated in devices in Jan 17. Matter of fact we had to call T Mo since the data was not turned on - only calling and text. Everything works now and the bill has increased by the taxes on the two additional lines so paying 115 and change monthly for 4 unlimited lines. I understand this will stay until we change / cancel or T Mo is bought by someone else. In other words once activated - it is there for the duration even though it was acquired as a promotion.

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@tobenits18, just checkin' in to see if all of the info that has been provided answered your question. I don't see that you have chimed back in. 😉

Thank you for all the information. I got what I needed.

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snn_555 wrote:

Not the same for everyone it seems.  But then, there are 100 plans floating around right now on 50 different promotions.

Something I read recently on the T-Mobile Reddit suggested T-Mobile had run 360 individual promotions in the last year.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that is an accurate count.  Sometimes the sheer volume of all of the varying terms and conditions for each of these promotions can account for quite a lot of what is generally assumed to be agent incompetence.  Just my two bits.  😉