Free promotional phone broke now t-mobile wants me to pay the rest owed FREEphone to buy a new one

  • 16 October 2020
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does anyone know how this is supposed to work? I added a line in February. their deal was add a line and get a free pos lg phone. I didn't get insurance on it because I didn't plan on my husband keeping it just using it until it broke or he was ready for a new one. the screen broke this month.when I logged into my account to order him a new phone they added $200 to my total at the end to pay the rest that was still owed on the free phone[my account was credited $8 every month when the bill came to cover the $8 charge for the phone]. I don't understand how they want me to pay for a phone that was free from the beginning and why can't they just be happy I'm buying a new way more expensive phone now? can somebody help me or has anyone been through this? id really appreciate it seeing as I don't have the extra $200 right now thanks to covid! 

2 replies

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EIP promotions usually apply to credits over 24 months.  If you need or want to break that 24 month term, then the credits will stop and you might even have to pay back the credits you received for not completing the agreement.

You should give the T-Force Team on Facebook or Twitter a try to see if they can help you out.  


It would seem to me that if you just kept the account open, you would keep getting $8/mo credits until phone was paid off.  Of course you’ll need to get a functional fone to put your SIM into.