Free Samsung A32 5g-a couple of questions about the offer.

  • 24 April 2021
  • 2 replies


Hi! A fellow T-Mobile employee here, and I have a couple of questions about the Free A32 5g offer:

  1. Is migration to the T-Mobile Essentials plan a requirement? We are currently on a grandfathered family plan that is less expensive and meets our needs really well. 
  2. Is there a limit to the number of free A32’s per account? We are looking at possibly upgrading two of our three lines.


2 replies


Hi, migration to the Essentials plan is NOT a requirement, but you do have to have a plan that qualifies. You should be fine with whatever your current grandfathered plan is, but you might want to contact customer care or go to your local store to double check, just in case. As for the redemption limit, you can redeem up to 4 on an account. Click here and you can find the FAQs for this offer at the bottom of that page.


Apologies for the slow response-really appreciate your answers, helped a lot. Thank you!