free screen protector during pandemic lockdown sent and installed by me

  • 15 November 2021
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I got a new LG G8 thing, that I just paid off, including the free screen protector as long as I have the phone and the store always applied it to my phone with no problems.

During the pandemic lockdown I needed to get a new screen protector but the store had one delivered to my home but I wasn't able to have the store put it on my phone like usual so I had to do it needless to say I dropped my phone and now the screen has several cracks in it and I found out that if TMobile didn't put it on my phone the damage is not covered and I find out LG is no longer dealing with phones  

Help I don't know what to do I can't use. it as a trade in because of the damage I can't afford to have repaired I'm unable to get to my store because of an automobile accident last year just before lockdown and I'm still recovering from it I don't know how to get answers for something like this 😷🤕😥😵help me please

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