• 10 October 2018
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  • OMG!! When are y'all gonna get it right!! Seriously thinking about taking my business elsewhere after being a customer for over 10 Years!
  • Get it together!

7 replies

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Hey there!  What seems to be going on? 😥  If it's not something very specifically account related, perhaps we can be of assistance here?

T- Mobile is really frustrating me too

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I'm sorry to hear that- is there something that perhaps we on the boards can assist with?  Keep in mind, no one here can access your account for very specific inquiries but there are tons of knowledgeable folks here who are willing to help out if we can with general information.

I can't imagine interacting with anything more complicated than this site!!! Trying to cancel a stupid trial I never even used. Family Where.

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If you are trying to cancel Family Where, the easiest way to do this is:

Log in to

Click "Profile" (upper right hand corner)

Click "Family Controls"

Click "Family Where"

Click "Settings"

Click "Unsubscribe"
Confirm "Unsubscribe"

T-Mobile FamilyWhere app

I would like to know why I can’t have a PO box as my mailing address along with my physical address listed on my account. you have my physical address, but I want my mailing different. What’s so hard to set this up. also you let my info get stolen, but I catch HELL and high water trying to login to my account. you all should allow a non t-mobile phone number to be listed on the account( which mind is) but I can’t get texts from you all. CHANGE THE ADDRESS SETUP. I want the bill sent to my PO BOX. not even a thanks to you all. IT’S SIMPLE, make it happen, about to convert over to another company.

get it together T- MOBILE