Fuel rewards are worthless 8/10/2022

  • 10 August 2022
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Tried using for the second time. Went out of my way to find a shell station and gas up. Didn’t get the 20cents. Got my usual 5cents even though the app says i’m getting 25cents. No help from tmobile or Fuel Rewards. Don’t bother.

5 replies

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Here’s the official reply that I got from Fuel Rewards:

Dear Member,
We apologize for the inconvenience this may caused. Effective January 04 2022 T-Mobile change the terms and condition and no longer provides $0.10 cents per gallon. T-Mobile now offers $0.05 cents per gallon with Extended Gold status.
Please refer to T-Mobile under Partner Rewards on the Fuel Rewards app, which include the terms and conditions.
The benefit that the extended gold status gives you is that you wont have to worry about doing your fill  ups thru the entire year and loosing the gold status.  


got this from this thread




I get that….but this was tmobile tues which supposed to give you an extra 20¢. I redeemed twice now. My FR app says I’m saving 25¢...pump says I’m saving 20¢...receipt says you saved 5¢!

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With gas prices up the way they are, that extra $0.20/gal at the pump is extremely helpful!! It is a bit odd that you didn’t get it when the app says your rewards were there. I just used mine and I almost forgot to use my alternate ID at the pump. My step by step: Log in to Tuesdays and save the Fuel Rewards offer> Select redeem which should launch FR app> Select Apply on the pop-up> get to gas station> Select Alt ID> enter my phone number> then it says you have whatever rewards and you select yes> move forward with payment and pumping. Sounds like you are getting everything from the T-Mobile side to the FR app just fine and the issue is getting it from the app to the pump. 

  • A few things I have learned is that these rewards don’t always stack with rewards you get from your Shell credit card. If I try to pay with my credit card, it will bump my T-Mobile savings and only give me the rewards for the card.
  • I will also watch the price on the pump. If the price did not drop the correct amount, I will cancel the transaction before pumping the gas. I did this and it did not use my Tuesdays reward because it starts tracking when you start pumping the gas.
  • If all else fails, I would recommend starting the transaction inside so the clerk can make sure you get your full reward. I know it is an extra step, but I think it is better than continuing to miss out on the savings. 

I hope this is helpful. 

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I used my T-Mobile Fuel Rewards code on Tuesday and got the full 25¢/gal discount.

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My guess also it could be a franchise thing as well.  Some franchises do not have to accept corporate coupons or offers.