G7 power not texting pictures

  • 15 August 2019
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My Moto G7 power will not send pics through text. It says the phone I am trying to send them to cancelled the download, when they did not. This is happening especially when trying to text from one G7 power to another.


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26 replies

Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced ->Access Point Names  What does it say under MMS?

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@ttbodnar​, this is the first I'm hearing of texting issues between G7 power devices. You'll want to make sure your APN settings line-up with this info: Network, APN, and VoLTE: moto G7 power​. What happens when you try to send a MMS to yourself? Lastly, how long has this been going on?

I am not the original asker of this question, but I am having the exact same issue. I have checked the APN settings and they match the settings in the response from @tmo_amandaWhen I send a MMS to myself, I get the same error messages that other recipients are seeing - and the image or gif does not get sent. This has been happening for about a week. Before then, sending pictures and animated gifs was not an issue.

I reset my phone and it worked for a while but now I am back to the same


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Can you double check the APN settings, restart the phone, then test out the picture messaging?

I've been monitoring this problem for over a week because we've been on and off the support line with no solution yet. We have 3 Moto G7 Power's that we just purchased and have not been able to send MMS, stickers, gifs, since we got the phones. To expedite things a bit:

The APN settings DEFFINITELY match the settings provided by tmo_amanda. Cycling the power, updating apps, clearing app caches, factory reset by tmobile phone support, does not solve the problem.

Various T-Mobile phone reps have ended the conversation saying a resolution will be guaranteed by (enter day and time) with promised scheduled follow ups. Both of which don't seem to happen as promised. The word "guarantee" should only be used if it is genuine. This page is racking up a fraction of a tmobile response per day  vs 45 customer views a day.

This situation is upside down y'all! We want GIF's!

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Have you filed tickets for this issue? If so, when did you do that and have you had someone check on the status of those tickets?

My wife has been handling phone support calls. Not sure of the ticket #.

They closed one or two tickets by tying them to outage issues. The outages

being resolved did not solve our issue unfortunately. I'm, at the moment,

going through manual network setting to troubleshoot any apn issues but

none have worked... Maybe this might help: pictures appear to send

immediately after reboot but begin to fail after a short time. Sending to

my sister's tmobile phone works no problem. Between my son's tmobile

Samsung a blurry pic fails but then succeeds. Sending between other tmobile

moto g7 powers doesn't work.

Yes, I filed a ticket on this issue on 8/21/19. The rep told me that there

were multiple tickets filed with this same issue already, so he would check

back with me within 72 business hours. To date, the issue is not resolved

and I have not heard back from the T-mobile rep.

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@magenta9744778  have you tried sending other photos? Are they pictures you've taken or ones you've download from like a website? I understand your wife's handling the ticket process, but do you happen to know when the last ticket was filed?

@magenta9715626 sorry you haven't heard back, but I'm sure we can get you an update on the ticket. Have you reached to our Tech folks to have them look at the ticket? Do you have the ticket number by chance?

Trouble Ticket # 24536429. That should be from 8/15. We have tried online

pics, Google photos, camera photos, stickers and gifs available through the

default messaging app.

I do not have a Ticket #, but same as magenta9744778, I have tried various

types of files with no success.

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 12:09 PM magenta9744778 <>

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@magenta9744778​ I understand you've been using the standard, but do you have any third party apps installed on the phone? If so, can you uninstall them temporarily and test out the messaging? Also, have you tried your SIM in another device to see if messages go through?

@magenta9715626 have you tried the suggestions I listed above? If so, we'll need to update your tickets if the issue continues after testing in another device. That'll help engineers with getting this resolved.

I, too, am experiencing this issue when texting a picture from my photo gallery or one of the preloaded GIFs that my G7 Power came with.  I get a message stating that the recipient "canceled the file.  Tap to try again.", while the recipient sees that my phone "stopped sending the file".

A regular text goes through, and an emoji goes through.  No problems.

As suggested by tmo_amanda above, I have checked my APN settings and they are correct.  I've had this phone for about 4 - 5 weeks, and I first noticed this issue about a week ago.  If I text the same picture to myself, I see what the receiver is seeing, and that is that my phone stopped sending the file.

I went to the TMobile Support website to submit a ticket, but it looks like all I could do is post to an existing thread.

Thanks in advance

Having the same issue on multiple lines.  Not getting anywhere with support. They keep wanting to say is on my end.  Different Motorola models includig one g7.  They worked fine for nearly a year.

My wife and I just joined TMobile today and both of our Moto g7 powers are having this issue.

Discovered if you turn off LTE the issue goes away.

Switched our messaging app to Google messages instead of the built in app and it's working fine now. It's an issue with the app.

As of this morning the function seems to be working fine with the built-in

app. Not sure what the issue was.

While I had issues texting through this app, the pic I was trying to send was sent through WhatsApp with no problem.  It was sent to a Samsung G6.  The G6 had no issues sending me pic texts.  It didn't matter whether or not I was connected to WiFi.  This was yesterday

Today, I tried re-sending my pic text this morning, and it went through.  ???

I should also add that while I had this issue with one particular recipient last week, I had no issues sending pics and GIFS to yesterday's intended recipient until yesterday.  No problems the day before this.

This may indicate that the issue is intermittent/random/sporadic.

Mikey, yesterday I started to remove the 5 or so apps I installed, leaving

two (as I needed them at the time), which didn't fix the issue. However,

this morning the two other g7 Powers having issues found their mms working

without troubleshooting. I tested mine by sending them pics attached from

Google photos through the default message app. I sent with and without text

and it worked just fine. It must have been an issue outside of our

individual devices. Really hoping T-mobile can provide the cause and

resolution so I can I.D. similar situations in the future and avoid pulling

us and you guys into a goose chase. Thanks for your help thus far.

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Hey everyone! Looks like the issue is clearing up for most. Is anyone still having this issue?

I was in Mexico until this morning and still had the problem down there -

in fact every single text you had to click on to download. I am hoping now

that I am back in the U.S. the issue is resolved. But just a heads up if

you leave the country as it happened to 2 of us who this phone.

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Welcome back, @ttbodnar​! Keep us posted if this still happens now that you're back in the U.S.

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Please let us know when you head back to the U.S. and if the picture messaging starts working again.