Galaxy Fold Z3 bought on Samsung wont unlock!!

  • 12 January 2022
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I have been trying to unlock my Fold Z3  purchased for cash from Samsung 3 months ago but tmobile is keeping it locked. I have spent hours chatting with tmobile over the last 4 days and keep being told wait "24 hours" to unlock and now am being told wait another 72 hours... I spoke to Samsung on the first day of this problem and they messaged tmobile while I was on the phone with them to tell them to unlock it. I was also told by the Samsung rep that tmobile is the only carrier they have this issue with... I was initially trying to unlock so I could use an AT&T sim to install the Android 12/UI 4.0 update that tmobile is now weeks behind issuing but now I'm thinking Verizon is sounding good...


11 replies


By the way, does anyone know what code 116 or error 146 mean when trying to unlock? Tmobile reps don't seem to know!

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post paid plan or pre paid plan?

I'm getting the 146 error code too, I had been able to temporarily unlock my phone without issue until now and can't figure out why it isn't working anymore, I also can't find what that 146 error code means anywhere

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how long has the phone been on the account? and where was it purchased from?

A year and a month and I got it in the t mobile store, thanks for answering :)

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as long as its fully paid off they should be able to unlock it..


post paid of pre paid?

I have it on a plan, I was unlocking temporarily, but now it didn't work 

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for international travel or to test and put a different sim card in it to test someone elses network? if it for the full unlock once you unlock it it should continue to be unlocked..up until you switch it to a different carrier..then they’ll lock it to them for a certain amount of days before it can be unlocked again.

I used another carriers sim card, it worked the first couple times I temporarily unlocked but this time it didn't 

Any news here?

I'm getting the same 146

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Here is why you can’t unlock your phone.


Samsung has not given T-Mobile the IMEI of that device to put into their system.  Samsung sells devices on their website and every so often they’ll transfer the IMEI to the specific carrier.  Apple does this as well.  To fix this problem have  your receipt ready, and talk to T-Mobile through Twitter or Facebook as they can receive the receipt and verify it with Samsung or Apple and when cleared they can talk to the right people to put the IMEI into the database.  Once that happens then it should be marked as paid off then can be unlocked.

This policy from manufacturers has been around for years and it’s a terrible policy. Carriers often get blamed for it.