Get out of the red problem

  • 21 March 2019
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After switching to Tmobile from Verizon using the get out of the red promotion, we no longer had access to our Verizon account for a final bill, once that bill was sent it was past the 30 days we apparently had to submit the bill to Tmobile. Now they will not honor the promotion and we are stuck with an over 1k Verizon bill. After speaking with customer service and waiting another week for a reply from them they said that there is nothing that they can do. After another online chat I was given the freedom number listed in some of these boards and can not get through to speak to a real person. What do I do? Please help.


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6 replies

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Hey, @magenta8003047​!

That's a big bill that you're left to pay when you were under the assumption it would be handled! How long ago did you activate service with us? Have you submitted any of the paperwork for #GetOutoftheRed yet or did you stop when you realized there was a 30-day deadline? Lastly, have you tried working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to see if we can get this handled for you?

It’s been a couple month. I was not aware of the 30 days. By the time I got my last bill from Verizon, I called to get the website and they said it was too late. I had a hard time with Verizon, the minute I switched my phone over, I was unable to get my bill online. I was never mailed a last bill so I called to get one, they never mailed it out, finally called again and it was sent a week later.

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Gosh, it sounds like a big mess all around 😥. Now knowing that it has been a couple of months, I'm not sure if there's anything T-Force can help out with. However, it sounds like you made a few calls to us within that time frame, I still think it's worth a shot. I'm truly sorry this hasn't been taken care of.

Is that something I need to try or is it something on your end?

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You'll need to contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

They do it on purpose. You get the run around knowing youll get locked out and cant provide the "proper documentation" until your 30 days pass. Happened to me... and a few others I have talked to.