• 15 August 2018
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  • Fanduel - Trying to pick my team to submit my entry for this week. It says it opened at 7:05 pm ET and I have been trying to do it since then and Tmobile system wont let me. Keeps going back to Tmobile #GetThanked screen. Is anyone else having this problem?  They should give us all something for the crap!!!! #GetThanked is Broken!!!!

5 replies

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Hey there! Are you doing this in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app?

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Hey, @wanaviawilson​!

Were you able to get this straightened out to where you were able to pick your team? In the future, if you're having issues with T-Mobile Tuesdays, the best bet is to work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter so they can get back to you same-day. Since this is primarily a peer-to-peer forum, a Community Manager may not reply for 1-2 days.

Yes I was able to pick a team, but not a good one. By the time the system

allowed me to select a team, all the best players were gone; so I lost


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Thank you for the update, @wanaviawilson​! I'm sorry you didn't have the best of players to choose from but am happy to hear you got to play. I appreciate you making us aware of this.

I got a text from 523-031@t-mobile it had a link attached in the text  "" with note stating " Winner promo code:UIBJMX" is this really from t mobile?