Getting a promo, but just canceled a line.

  • 14 January 2021
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Hello, I know the terms for getting a promo. Which says that you have to have canceled a line 3 months or more to be eligible for the promo.


But I have a weird situation. It started last year when The pandemic hit and we didn’t need one of the lines because they couldnt afford it. So we suspended the line twice. By September they told us that we should just cancel the line. In which I did. I got a text confirmation that that line had indeed get cancel. But in December of 2020  I got a message that same line is being restored. So i had to call again and ask them to cancel which they did in Dec.


Now the new Galaxy s21 came out today and i want to get it but I don’t know if i can because I just canceled a line last month. But its not my fault.


Can someone answer or help me with this?

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