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The new Go5G Plus Plan says that New and existing customers always get the same great device deals and can upgrade every two years.  

Usually, for customers to get a FREE new phone, they have to be a new customer. adding a new phone line, and switch phone carriers.  That means that existing customers are not eligible to get the new FREE phone unless they add another line. 

As an TMobile existing customer, I don’t need a new phone line.  However, I would definitely like to get the new FREE phone.  

Please clarify for the new Go5G Plus plan:  will existing TMobile customers be eligible to get a new FREE phone without having to add a new phone line every two years?  




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If you migrate to the new plan you will.

In order to take advantage of the “New in Two” promotion you are required to upgrade your rate plan specifically to Go5g Plus.
JUMP! vs New in Two can be confusing so here are the differences.
JUMP! is a feature that comes included with P360 device protection which allows customers who are financing their phone to early upgrade at 50% paid off or 12 months into their 24 month EIP agreement but is not stackable with device offers (meaning your new phone will not be eligible for a discount monthly upon turning in equipment; JUMP! is an early giveback not a trade-in).

New in Two guarantees that in 24 months when customers who upgraded to the Go5g Plus plan AND also purchased a new phone on and/or after 04/23/2023 got a new phone (so on or after 04/23/2025) that they can take advantage of the same promotions as new and/ or existing customers who are activating service or AAL. 

Keep in mind that promotions are always catered to the base model. For example, iPhone 14 on Us promotion requires you trade in an eligible phone and AAL in order to receive a possible MAXIMUM payout of $830 off over 24 months. You are able to pick any iPhone 14 in the series but the phone that is really “on Us” is the base model which retails at $830. If you wanted an iPhone 14 Pro Max which is $1099.99 retail, your phone would not be “on Us” it would be $830 off of $1099.99 over 24 months. 

A customer with Go5g Plus can take advantage of this promotion without having to AAL with the New in Two feature. Whereas a customer that is on any other qualifying rate plan will likely only be eligible for 50% off of their phone in 2025.

I have the same question as well. I originally thought this meant if I moved to the Go5G plus plan, I would not need to activate a new line in order to get the same benefits as a new customer, but I’m finding as I browse the phones that it specifies differently if you are activating a line or not.

For example, currently it looks to me like if I move to the Go5G plus plan, I would be required to trade in a phone to get the Pixel 6a for free, And not just any phone, it would have to be from a certain list of newer phones, OR I could activate a new line, and get the Pixel 6a for free without trading in a phone.

This does not seem like a current customer getting the same deal as a new customer. I’d like some clarification on that though, because I’ll definitely move to the Go5G plus plan if I don’t have to activate a line for all the deals that currently say you have to activate a new line...

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Fr my understanding, the new line is still required.  That is it reads to me.  You have to meet the same requirements as the promotion as the new customer.  If that means adding a line, then that means adding a line whether you are a new or existing customer.  Trade-ins are still required for promos requiring Trade-ins and those Trade-ins have to meet the same criteria for both new and existing customers.  Anyway, that is how I interpreted everything I have seen on the Go5G Pro plan.

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Keep in mind 2 line promotions like BOGO will require an add a line for existing customers.

They need to bring “2 Lines” and you have to add a single line.


If it’s a qualified plan and trade in then you have to trade in an eligible phone(paid off not under an EIP or at the end of the Go5G agreement for the device), and be on the appropriate plan.

 If that means adding a line, then that means adding a line whether you are a new or existing customer. 

Yeah, I definitely see how it could be read that way. It just seems to me that the defining characteristic of a new customer is the fact that they are adding a new line. An existing customer is hardly going to add a new line every 2 years for a phone upgrade… Every new customer will always be adding a line, that’s how they become a new customer in the first place. So, unless they’re allowing me to upgrade without adding a line, then I’m not really getting the same deals as a new customer. I just kind of feel like despite all the talk of rewarding loyalty, I’m actually being punished for being a loyal customer. In order to really get the good deals, I need to leave for a while and then come back.

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Best Bet they’ll do away with BOGO’s.  All devices will be line specific trade and credit deal

I have upgraded my plan to take advantage of the promotion but for some reason there is an issue with trading in my iPhone 11 which is paid off. The system is blocking the trade in option but would accept my old iPhone 7 Plus if I still had it. I have been trying daily to get this resolved and keep being told that someone will call me back to check up and I never get a call. I was also told that it should have been resolved within 48 hours and today is day 5 of waiting. They say it is a system error. 

Wont more over to the new go5g plus plans , but will goto another carrier.  phone and my wifes are worth less on tmobile.

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I rarely use the Tmobile deals on phones and buy my phones outright.

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Wont more over to the new go5g plus plans , but will goto another carrier.  phone and my wifes are worth less on tmobile.

What phones?  Other carriers may be giving you a promotion making them more.  Switching over may make you end up paying more in the long run.  I know for a fact when talking plans Verizon and AT&T don’t account for fees, and tax they charge at depending on location it could add up to another 30% based on what they quoted you.

If you want to know how I know.  The company I work for are  AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile customers.  We did have Sprint a long while back and stopped using them since Nextel Merger.  Long story.

I have a Samsung A32 5g worth nothing at T-Mobile, wife has a iPhone 12 pro max worth $200. apple will give her 700 for it, Samsung will give me 170 for mine. I am paying 110/month on max 55 plus, on go5g plus 55plus will be paying 150. ATT with military discount on 5g plus plan will give me a new iPhone 13 and price will be 122 month with taxes and fee.

One thing I am not understanding for the Go5g Plus plan.  The Upgrade-ready every two years DOESN’T mean that t mobile will give us a new phone every 2 years for free correct?   

When i read the fine print what I am understanding is “Upgrade ready” is a trick to say you can finance the phone in 24 months so you can always jump out of the phone in 2 years without having negative balance.  

If i am incorrect someone please tell me as if I can get a new phone courtesy of t-mobile every 2 years then to me this seems like the deal is worth it to upgrade from my current Magenta 1 plan.  If not then it isn’t.