Grand-father Plan Changed Without My Consent & Won't Change Back

I have been trying for four days to get info on my account unsuccessfully.  I put in a new Sim card on 2/25.   This was the date my pre-paid account was due.  I was inquiring into billing issues that occurred at that time.

Somehow customer service then decided to change my plan without asking me.

I had an old Simple Prepaid Plan in which I got the following

* Unlimited talk (nationwide) * Unlimited domestic and international messaging (SMS/MMS) * Unlimited web, data slows to 2G speed once limit is reached (at 2GB limit) * Mobile Without Borders *

I told the customer service I need my plan changed back and they refuse. 

They gave me a new plan which is Simply Prepaid (4GB 4G LTE) and added 5 dollar to access mexico and Canada.  I cannot even read all the details of that plan because it is about a paragraph long. 

I can pretty much guess that it will not be as high quality as a plan they phased out though. 

The company is refusing to give me back a plan that they changed on me without my consent.

How is this fair?  Why can I not speak to a higher level expert who can switch me back?  Why can I not access any US representatives?  Is this even an American company?


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In Tmobiles term and Conditions they have  the right to change rate plans. Not saying it's right.

T-Mobile Terms and Conditions

Seems illegal for a company to change a contract.  I am on prepaid its not cool.  I woukd just take my plan elsewhere and i might.  I can already tell they have slowed my internet down.  They dont offer that plan anymore because it was a good plan.

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Out of curiosity, what plan are you on?

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Hmm, I'm curious what plan were changed from? Did they mention if it was just not available any more?

a plan that allowed for Unlimited talk (nationwide) * Unlimited domestic and international messaging (SMS/MMS) * Unlimited web, data slows to 2G speed once limit is reached (at 2GB limit) * Mobile Without Border

I read someone else's analysis of the grandfather plans vs the newer plans and it seems that the newer plans have more limits on slow down of speeds?

* also yes not available any longer

T mobile have become rip-off artists. They have begun to lie about lowering your bill on a better plan and then you get hit over the head with outrageous cell phone costs. I was just told that I could change my billing date and made a payment arrangement for the 1st and was told I had a 10 day grace period to make the payment. on the third day (today) I wake up and my phone is suspended and the want $91 in restoration fees to restore my four lines! It says my plan went up $153 but it was supposed to be lowered. I used to really like Tmobile but, now I am sick of them!!! ATT has offered the same plan I have now including brand new S10+ devices for $173/mo. That includes the price for monthly payments on the phone. I STRONGLY advice you to run as fast as you can.

wow that is really frustrating

  • Mobile Without Borders gives you unlimited calling and texting between the US, Mexico, and Canada.
  • You also get up to 5 GB high-speed data allotment (or max of your high-speed data allotment, whichever comes first) that includes both phone and tethering data usage.
  • It's included on T-Mobile ONE and Simple Choice North America, or with a qualifying feature on other older plans or prepaid plans.
  • T-Mobile customers never pay data overages – even if you manage to use up your 4G LTE data, you automatically stay connected with unlimited data at Simple Global speeds (up to 128kbps for most plans and 256kbps for ONE Plus).

i wanted to add that comment - that is what 'mobile without borders' is and I do not think they offer it any longer.  From what I read you get not only the unlimited calling and text but you can get data when you are across the nafta borders.  Without this plan you have to pay at least 5 to 15 dollars for these privileges.  This 'mobile without borders' feature did not last long also;  this plan was only offered for about a year.

this is an interesting thread on redit about people who like holding on to their simple choice plan even though they have data limits

Upgrading select Simple Choice™ customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data at no additional cost!

saw this promo n another forum?  now i am more confused - they say they are giving unlmited data to simple choice customers now?

Get Unlimited Data at no extra cost | T-Mobile

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@magenta3326166​, I believe I remember you posting about having issues logging into your account and now it makes sense with the plan change that you mentioned. I'm really curious as to what happened with the simple change of a SIM because this sounds really off. I recommended this to you in a previous post, but I highly recommend working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to see about getting your old plan back.

well the sim did not change the plan but when i called and tried to find out why the bill date changed and noone could give me a straight answer for about three to four days, someone then went and changed my plan.  i did not find out until i went to the tmobile store and they told me.  then i called and asked to be switched back and the guy told me he could not and said he would change me to a plan more like my old one.  supposedly my next cycle the last person i talked to said they would allow me to have my old plan back but i am waiting still twenty more days to see if the change works.  mostly i was asking for help in the chat and i believe it was someone in the chat originally who changed my plan without my consent.  i was trying to tell them that i needed to be able to check my data usage and the change in bill date was making it difficult.  only thing i can think is with the language barrier they did not understand what i wanted.  its still no excuse to change someones plan without asking them.

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I 110% agree with you that your plan shouldn't be changed without your authorization. I'm truly sorry that the cause of this was likely a language barrier. It sounds like you should be back on the correct plan in a few weeks; feel free to keep us in the loop.

finally they let me switch back