Grandfathered Plan Not Being Honored

  • 23 July 2021
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I read that other people have had similar issues with T-mobile not honoring the initial terms of their contract/agreement. I have been with T-Mobile for 15 years. I had a family plan that was supposed to offer up to 15 lines. I am using only 10 lines. I called to add a new line, but they told me that I had to switch plans, which will cost me a lot more. They admit that I qualify for 15 lines, but in order to get that I have to change to new plans. I asked them to show me the initial terms of agreement, but they are refusing. A similar thing happened to my in-laws, but they only had 4 lines. They didn’t question it and changed their plan. This  deceptive practice seems to be prevalent and not an isolated incident. They are trying to force their ‘grandfathered’ in customer to these new plans, so they can get more money.

Has anyone else noticed this recently? Any suggestions how to solve it?




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