Grandfathered Simple Choice is not $10 for added lines, wrong info TM

  • 16 September 2019
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I recently messaged TM to inquire pricing for adding a line to my Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match. I explained that I was grandfathered in that plan and was hoping it was still $10 for adding lines. The rep confirmed it was in fact still $10 each line for my grandfathered plan. So, I went away happy because I was about to add a line for my 15yr old. So, I go to the store in Denton Tx and have the phone ready to add into my plan. I ask the rep in the store the very same question about the grandfathered plan added line pricing. He looks it up and confirms in person, yes $10 a month to add a line on your plan. So, I go ahead finish setting up the phone. Now, I get my bill and guess what? It's $20 a month. I call TM and they say "Oh Im sorry, the reps gave you misinformation. We can credit you the charges for this one month, but here on out it will be $20 a month."

So, is that all you can do TM? That's quite lame and bogus treatment for a loyal customer all these years. When your reps consistently promise your customer something, you really should follow thru. If you are not going to do it, at least make sure they are disseminating correct information. This whole situation was deeply unprofessional on your part. I did my due diligence to confirm the pricing both on line and in store. What gives on this? For such a petty thing, Im inclined to take my business elsewhere. It's cheaper anyway.

Thanks for the bait and switch TM.

For all of you who think and believe your Grandfathered Choice plan is $10 for added lines, don't believe it. When you get your bill, you will see it's really $20 a month no matter what the reps tell you and they wont budge. You will have to eat it.


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The last time I went to a store to make a change, they showed me what my new bill would be, and I had to confirm the amount.  This is where I was able to tell them "No, I did not agree to this change, you need to undo that before I agree, or I will walk out of here with no changes and go to another location."  They tried to "negotiate" letting me add the insurance on my plan, and I didn't budge.

My experience suggests to me you should have seen what your change would have been, and you agreed to it.

As for your plan, if memory from way back when is right, the first two lines were one price.  Additional lines were $10/line.  Then, there was an additional price for data above 2GB.  My guess is you added the line with 6GB of data, giving a total price of $20.  Hypothetically, you can drop his data down to 2GB and it will be $10/line.  He may not like being on such a low data cap though....

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I am so sorry for the confusion regarding adding your most recent line! While we are not able to change the price of the add-a-line, we can take a closer look at your account to see what options are available to get you closer to the price range you were looking to play. Please do call us when you have a moment so we can get this sorted for you.

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We have had the $10 add-a-line plan (incl. 2Gb data) for 2 or 3 years  -- 8  lines.  Was thinking of adding a couple more lines.   Guess we can't.

Been w. TM ever since they set up in U.S.

I'm also trying to add a line on a simple choice plan. What is the cost now? I have already have 2 additional phones on my family plan at $10 each with unlimited talk / text and 2GB of data. I want to add one more with the same features.

We just added 2 lines to make it 7 and three times during call I asked to confirm cost would be $10 per extra line. It was a recorded call and the $10 was confirmed. I didn't find out until I received the paperwork after signing up it was not only $20 per line, but I also lost my own $10 line cost. The associate I followed up with was very nice, but said they could only give us a one time $20 credit for incorrect info. I like TMobile much better than Verizon but they need to be honest. Not sure why this keeps happening.

So disappointed with TM now, I have been with TM for more than 6 years and just found out that the line we added back in November 2020 doesnot come with celluar data. We have grandfather plan as they call now and tried to call TM see what happened they told me I have to pay 16 dollars more on top my my 10 dollars for line fee. However when I had line added in the store they never told me it doesnot come with celluar data. And I tried to go back the store for it, the store is permanently closed. Feel so disappointed with TM I have to pay for their mistake as not being transparent with policy. Going to change my    service soon feel been deceived.

I normally get a server from Baltimore city when this happens, so it seems to be an issue with WIFI calls. There is a high probability that it will turn overcalls. Another's and a second problem is that two iPads are always on at home so I had problems using this site.