• 19 January 2018
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Someone got in my phone and deletd all of my messages to my husband and also out of my Instant messaging.  How do.i dind out who got in. And it wasn't my husband

4 replies

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You won't know unless someone confesses.

Make sure to enable a password, pin, or pattern or fingerprint security step for your lockscreen.

I don't think you were hacked. I think someone just either knew your lockscreen method or you didn't have security set up.

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What phone device do you have?

Some devices are less secured than others.

Some Operating systems may be vulnerable.

Technical Support for whatever device/operating system you have will urge you to update your operating system to an updated version.

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Hey, there. I'm so sorry to read about what you're going through! In short, our Community members are spot-on here -- there isn't a way to know who did this, but it definitely stinks that it happened! Were you able to get a PIN, password, or fingerprint added to your phone to protect it going forward? If you have any questions on how to secure your device, let us know what phone you're using and we'll be happy to grab you a link to some steps! 😊

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Hey hey! Just wanted to check on you -- were you able to get to the bottom of this? Please let us know if you need any help securing your phone going forward!