Help understanding my bill - Where are my Kickback Credits?

  • 14 May 2018
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  • Kickback enabled since June 2017
  • 4 lines for $140 after autopay & Friends/Fam $20 discount
  • The 5th line IS getting the $10 discount

2 out of the 4 original lines DO qualify for Kickback, however the base charge is still $140, this should be $120 after credits.  Why am I missing the $20 kickback?  This isn't the only month, I've called multiple times, and the associate would have to manually apply the credit.  the most recent time, the rep said things look normal and I supposedly am getting the discount.  I was ill-prepared to argue, but I think I have all the facts together, and i should be getting the credit back.  I'll call back shortly, just looking to see if anyone else is in this same situation.  Or help me understand if this actually is 'normal.'  (Which I hope not, the main reason I joined TM is due to these KB's to get an extra discount)


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Hey, @magenta4917354​! This is super strange -- I am so sorry to read that you've reached out time and again without getting a clear answer regarding the KickBack issue. I appreciate the screen share -- based on your rate plan, the only thing I can think of off of the top of my head is that the free lines aren't eligible for KickBack, because you can't pay less than $0 for a line. I wonder if that's part of the trouble here? The way that KickBack discounts should apply is in this order:

  1. Rate Plan cost (any discount built into the plan)
  2. AutoPay credit (if applicable)
  3. KickBack credit (if applicable)
  4. Employee / Hook Up discount (if applicable)

At any point, when a line cost hits zero, additional discounts will stop applying, if that makes sense.

Our team doesn't have a secure platform to verify customer accounts, but it may be worth checking in with an internal team and asking if there's a way to alter which lines are considered the "free lines" -- or if the plan is simply not compatible with KickBack for this reason. I know you mentioned that you planned to contact our Care team shortly -- if you haven't had time to do so yet, I would highly recommend reaching out to our T-Force team if you're active on social media! They're our customer support team on Twitter (via DM) and Facebook (via Message) and in those channels we can take a closer look at this. T-Force has an excellent reputation among our users for getting to the bottom of things in unusual scenarios!