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  • 16 July 2020
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The issues that I’m having with the account , is that the primary account holder Ashley Shaw , is not responding to my messages or from T-Mobile , and she has abandoned the account , I need to know what to do so I can take over the account so it does not get shut down , no one can get ahold of her , if she has a banded the account would you guys just sign it over to me , someone please get back to me.


best Regards  Michael Hunsucker




2 replies

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Unfortunately, no one can take over the account without the account holder's permission.  If you happen to have the Pin, port out your number to your own account. 

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Yes, this is always a danger when Family Plans are used by a group of friends who may not stay in touch. I hope nothing bad has happened to her and you are able to make contact soon.