Historical Bill Issues

  • 5 October 2018
  • 1 reply

I am unable to retrieve/view historical bills for 2018

1 reply

I have only been able to vielw about 12mo but the bills look wierd - and even when i ask it to show me the last 4mo it doesn't pull it all up... and I havebeen a customer for 15yrs so I don't understand their issue either - I'm questioning a few charges - I thought and can remeber paying for my daugghters phone on my credit card when I ordered it - just realized that theyve been charging me $14/mo for it!!  but can't access the bills/paperwork from the purchase - and the monthly charges add up to 40% more than the initial cost I thought I actually paid.  very messed up system, not happy, but doesn't seem like easy to resolve with this company.