Hotspot M2000 data/usage versus plan

  • 3 July 2021
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I just got a Mifi M2000 plan signing up for the 100gb for $50 per month. I was setting up the admin website this morning when I noticed it said I only had 10gb of data. I double checked on the plan website and it says 100gb. Is this just a temporary glitch until the hotspot admin website syncs with the plan website, maybe an overnight batch operation? The usage is also different plan website says 2.35gb and the hotspot says 1.19gb. How long should I wait before I call or chat with customer service?


9 replies

I have the same problem. Should I ignore the MiFi M2000 data usage and only reference the T-Mobile app data usage?


I was told that the usage on the website, mytmobile, is the one to watch over the usage on the app or the usage on the device. Take it for what it’s worth

Thank bobinray. That helps me! Although that seems like a high priority bug for Inseego and T-Mobile to fix.

The data usage on the M2000 device is totally wrong.  If you have the 100 GB plan, as I do, you can go to Home → Data Usage → enter “any” value in Maximum Data Limit  and Save changes.  Good news is that the device apparently doesn’t care if you are over that usage “limit.”  Bad news is that the displayed data usage comes from a sum of the “CUMULATIVE” data usage instead of the “DAILY” data usage.  I have about 9+ GB of actual usage in my current billing period but the M2000 is already at 137 GB and bumping it up by +9 GB more EVERY DAY!  Note:  my M2000 is connected 24/7.  Maybe that’s a factor.  Too lazy to disconnect for a while every day just to see if it makes a difference…  Yes, bobinray, the website account has the correct usage - but a nuisance to need to login to go look at it.


Customer service assisted and got issue resolved. 

while your mifi hot is connected to your laptop. Go to chrome browser and type http://my.mifi and sign in. Once signed in, click the expand arrow  under data usage. Once in that window, look for the field titled “Maximum data limit”. There update the GB amount from 10GB to 100GB and save changes thereafter. And make sure to restart your mifi device to take the update.


It gets even weirder. Right now online my usage is 76.88gb, on the app on the phone it is 38.7. Both of those show the period ending today and starting new tomorrow. On the physical hotspot it is still showing the 10gb plan instead of the 100gb plan and that I’ve used 60.52gb with 8 days on the cycle ending 8/1.


I called and talked to an expert who said the hotspot will probably update on the new cycle tomorrow. We shall see.

My M2000 data usage is always different between what my device shows and what the website shows.  Did you figure out why they were so different?


Haven't got a real good answer to be honest.

An update to my previous post (in February)…  The crazy miscalculation of the data usage has been apparently fixed in the latest firmware.  Updated to 2.302.1.21 on March 22 and the monthly data usage numbers now appear to be correct.  (The previous faulty firmware was 2.302.1.11)

OT.. Network download speeds jumped up about x6 on or about May 1.  No equipment or software changes at my end so presumably T-Mobile infrastructure upgrades somewhere.  Not complaining, mind you!