How can I change to a new number & port my old one out?

  • 24 May 2019
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Hello -

I have a T-Mobile account with 2 lines. I'm moving to a new area, and would to change my phone number (the primary number on the account) to the new area code. But, I'd also like to port my old number to Google Voice so that I can still get voicemails from it.

I am trying to sort out how to do this. One way is to add a new line ($25 for a new sim) with a number in the new area code, then swap that number with the primary phone account, then port the old number out. But, I'd pay $25 + one month of a new line that I'll never use.

Does anyone know what would happen if I simply ported my main number out of the system? If I port my main number out, and then my phone is suddenly dead, I could call T-Mobile and have them assign a new number, in the new area code, to the phone. The phone would be down for a bit but the old number will be active so it's ok.

Anyways, if anyone knows the best way, I'm all ears. What happens if I suddenly port out the primary number on my account?

thanks! Dave


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I'm reading about DIGITS, and that could solve this - add a DIGITS line with the new area code, then port out the old number and the DIGITS number could become the primary number on the account. Would it work?

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I would call Tmobile support and tell them you're going to port your number out but you don't want to close the account instead you want a new number assigned to the area you moved to.

I'm in a similar situation. Just moved to Arizona but I think I'm going to switch to a dual Sim phone down the road.

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It's a little difficult because you want to port out a number, which usually results in the service attached to the origin of the port being terminated.  The DIGITS solution is an interesting one.  Create a new DIGITS line, ask Customer Care to swap the numbers around (your SIM to DIGITS and your new DIGITS number to your SIM.  Whether this is possible, I don't know, but if it is, it would be a cheaper solution than buying a new SIM and activating another line just to porting out the old one to Google.