How Can I Register/Setup My T-Mobile ID for My Home Internet Account...???

  • 5 June 2021
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Forgive me if this is redundant… I wasn't sure which area I am supposed to post this inquiry…


I signed up for the Home Internet and got an email that I was activated on 04/01/21... A few days later the cylinder device arrived and connected to the internet easily. Nevertheless, I cannot register to get a T-Mobile ID for this account. I cannot login online OR use the T-Mobile app because it keeps stating they don't recognize my email. I've had two lengthy phone calls with support and visited a store (whom in turn called support)... As of now I STILL can't create a T-Mobile ID to manage my account. (This account was created using my Pre-paid phone account...)


At first I thought it didn't matter that I couldn't access my account since the service is working so-so... But at the end of the first month my service was cut off as the person who initiated my account did not ensure that I was signed up for autopay. I never received an email about my bill. When I called about my service they wanted me to pay the $65 + restoration fee + plus a fee for making a payment manually over the phone...?!?  It would have all been over $90... It should have only been $60... After admitting their fault they charged me $67 to continue with the service... I'm told I'm signed up for autopay, but we will see…


I STILL CAN'T REGISTER FOR A T-MOBILE ID so that I can manage my account. I've been working with the store and they're having trouble getting the techs to resolve this problem as of... 06/02/2021... 


Internet quality is lacking... The speed is inconsistent; 5mbs - 25mbs... I can't visit some websites using the Home Internet device yet have no problems visiting the same sites/pages using my T-Mobile prepaid phone account as a hotspot. Reviewers should look into the issue as to why this ISP (T-Mobile Home Internet) cannot be used to access some websites. There are quite a few pages I cannot access, but yet I can access them using T-Mobile's prepaid phone account as a hotspot.


1 reply

I have the same issue. We’re you able to find a resolution