how can I turn off everything of child's phone except for call and text?


Need to turn off everything on son’s iphone except for call and text.  How can I do this?  He has figured out how to override Screen Time limits.

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You can try Family Allowances but if he’s that smart he’ll probably figure out a work a round since you can’t shut off the Wifi of the phone.

Easiest way would be to take the phone away and give him a basic phone to use.

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T-Mobile offers a Talk and Text only plan that does not include data at all, but if you have Wi-Fi in the home, he’ll still be able to use it.  

Family Mode does allow you to control data usage, but again- access to Wi-Fi means he’ll still be able to get online.  There is an additional Family Mode Home Base that you can connect to your router and control his access to the Wi-Fi. 

Alternatively, and I’m sure other ISPs offer a similar service, but the Comcast XFinity app allows you to view all devices connected to your home internet gateway and you can *pause* the data to that device, which is much easier than changing the Wi-Fi password.

The absolute easiest way to stop the data: Log in to, select his line, choose Manage Data and Add-Ons, then change his data feature to “No Data”.  You can change this back at any time if you wish.


Hope this helps!