How do I access T-Mobile Tuesday via Web?

  • 29 July 2020
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I used to be able to participate in the T-mobile Tuesday using the website, now that website can no where to be found, what happened to it? If it was removed to force all users to use the app that’s not fair to all T-mobile customers.


This would ridiculous if an elderly person like my dad or mom has to learn how to use a smart phone. Sometime they can’t and it could be considered discrimination. So, please leave the web-access open for folks who doesn’t have the access to APP. Hope its not too hard of a task for a giant like T-mobile. 

Thank you

2 replies

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I understand they shut down that capability, which is really dumb because there are working Android phones out there that haven’t been given updates that would allow them to run the app (e.g. Samsung Avant)


I think their idea is force everyone to buy Galaxy S20. Their marketing group is just inconsiderate.