How do I delete my support account?

  • 4 August 2018
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I unintentionally signed up for this account while attempting to log into my tmobile account.

How can I delete this support account without affecting my normal tmobile account?




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5 replies

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I reported this as abuse so a mod will see it to help you.

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Hey, Dan!

Sorry for the confusion. This account will soon be deactivated.

I created my account by accident. Didn't realize it was meant for community.

Can you please delete it the support/community account?

Can I please get this account deleted, we have closed the account. But the hackers are still using this account, no matter how many times I change the passcode. There for we has to close our Tmobile account, per Tmobile we were told to disregard the emails and account usage. What just ignore it. Can this account please be deleted. Thanks.

Can you delete my account thanks.