how do i get in touch with someone who can actually help me?

  • 23 November 2020
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So i went into my local T-Mobile store to open a new account and purchase the iPhone 12. They convinced me to go with the 64 because it was all they had, and said i could back everything on my old 128 device using the cloud. I agree and they start setting up my account. The first 15 minutes was a blur of plans, coverages, and other add-ons. They throw a case and screen protector on it without consulting me and told me they have to keep my old device overnight to make sure it backs up. That made me uncomfortable because i do not know these people and my entire life is on that device. Bank accounts, passwords, social media etc. But, fine, do what you need to. I take my new device home and immediately realize it is defective. Apps were invisible, it would delete text conversations, wouldn’t make calls, at some point completely shut down for hours. So i go back the next morning to explain that the phone doesn’t work and to check on my old device’s backup. They still cannot get my old device to backup so, since i have to return the defective device anyway, i ask to order a 128 so i can just transfer everything directly to a new and functioning device. They say they’ll give me a temporary device to use over the weekend since the one i bought from them does not work. I agree again and am told to return Monday to order the new phone. I go into the store Monday and am told that it is impossible and that i will have to go without a phone for a week. So I leave and call the support center. She tells me that this is all unheard of and that her manager will be in Friday and that they will give me a call. I wait until Friday and i hear nothing from them. It’s now another Monday and I’ve been on the phone with T-Mobile for about 5 hours now and i am still unsure of what to do. I was told that nothing can be done from their end and that i have 4 days to figure it out or i will not receive a refund for this temporary phone. I was on hold and disconnected numerous times. Finally spoke to a manager and she told me the same thing. Figure it out in 4 days. Basically, i did nothing wrong and am going to end up paying for their mistakes. This is the most ridiculous experience I’ve ever had with a phone company and I’d like to cancel everything and go back to Verizon, please. 

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