How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in?

  • 17 June 2019
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How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in how does it work in store customer care or online.


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5 replies

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Do you have a number that you want to use? If you do you should be able port that number to a phone that will work on T-Mobile's bands. I live in the Champaign/Urbana, IL area where there are a mess of numbers with Chicago area codes. As far as I know the number will be placed in the SIM card. There might be someone to jump in here and add some more info. If you live close to a T-Mobile call or visit .

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There are some restrictions on out of market use of area codes.  The FCC's website will have the most information on what those are and why.  In most cases though, you can simply request the area code you want, as long as that area code is within T-Mobile's provided service US service area.  Area codes and numbers also can depend on E911 centers.  If T-Mobile does not have an E911 center servicing an area, they will not be able to provide service on numbers from that area. 

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Many of us w. multiple numbers on account will have users/numbers from diff. areas.  In our case, Oakland, LA, Seattle, Boston, Miami.  These days with more than 50% of population cell phone only -once a  young person gets a line they keep it no matter where they move on to.

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Hey there, @weddingguy53​! Have you successfully changed your number? If not, we're definitely able to see if any phone numbers are available in your requested area code range if you Community-2153​.  

I got the number and it works but with bar issues It goes up and down