How do I pay my phone bill and apply and extra payment to my equipment on the same day?

  • 15 January 2022
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Every time I attempt to apply an extra payment towards my equipment on the same day I pay my bill the system won’t allow it. If I apply the extra payment to the phone bill will they use the credit to apply to the phone bill itself or will it apply to an extra equipment payment?

1 reply

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In your account.  You should be able to see the device EIP under the line it is attached to.  You can make an extra payment towards to device balance by clicking on the device EIP where it shows the remaining balance.  One important thing to remember is, the current showing device balance does not include the device’s monthly amount charge on the current bill.  So if you have a bill that was generated 2 days before the bill was posted to the account.  That device payment has already been deducted from the whole amount and applied to your bill.