How do I unlock my PUK Code?

  • 2 October 2018
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How do I unlock my PUK code?


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If you still have the sim card holder the puk code is on it otherwise you are going to have to contact Tmobile.

Your question does not really make sense. If you have entered your SIM PIN three or four times incorrectly you will block the SIM. You use the PUK to unblock the SIM. If you enter the PUK incorrectly some large number of times (e.g. 10) you will "PUK" the SIM and it will be permanently and irrecoverably blocked and will have to be replaced.

Dial this from the emergency number: " **05*(your PUK code)*(newpin)*(newpin)#

star-star-zero-five-(your PUK code)- star-(new 4 digit pin you want to set)-(new 4 digit pin you want to set)-pound

You can find your PUK code on your sim kit if you still have it.

If the PUK is needed, you'd need to call or chat.  If you cannot call, you can message T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter, or log into your T-Mobile account online and chat with a rep there as well from the Contact Us link. You can try  Vi PUK Code.  If you were able to get to this support community, you should be able to chat online.  However, if still unable to, you can visit a store.